Ilasz and Associates is the firm to visit for corporates, entrepreneurs, and individuals who are in need of any form of legal representation and legal services. The company operates internationally with their offices located in the United States, Germany, and Poland. The company provides legal services to its clients via the network of attorney in the subject countries. Their polish speaking lawyers handle a wide range of international, national, and local matters to anyone in need of their services.
One of the factors determining the quality of services provided by a law firm is the kind of experience that they have gathered since it gives and insight of what one should expect from them. The Ilasz and Associates law firm was established 18 years ago in 1998 by Liviusz Ilasz. He is the former partner of Ilasz and Molander P.C. Over the period of the firm’s existence, they have gathered the much-needed experience and know what is required of them in, virtually, all kind of legal situations. Today, the firm operates internationally offering full service to its clients. It has been founded on the basis of integrity and excellence in service provision.

The firm is dedicated to providing a successful relationship between the attorney and its clients by being personal with them. Any polish speaking lawyer new york from Ilasz and Associates is ready to listen and learn about the client and the needs they have. The sole focus is to ensure that each client, by the end of the engagement with the firm and its attorneys, they have achieved the goals they had in mind. In addition to working with friendly, highly professional and qualified Polish speaking lawyers, the services are provided in a cost-effective manner. This ensures that everyone in need of their services can acquire them without having to leave the range of their budget and financial abilities.

The range of service provided by the Ilasz and Associates firm are extensive.
They are grouped into categories that include:

1. Immigration and Citizenship

The firm is experienced in immigration issues, particularly between the United States and Poland. They can be trusted to handle aspects touching on citizenship, working visas, green cards, deportation, and removal, political asylum, visa refusal, and individual cases among others.

2. Civil Law

Services related to civil law and civil law procedure in Poland, The United State, and Germany can, also, be acquired from the firm. One can get assistance on inheritance, drafting of contracts, damages owed to willful misconducts, civil law contract negotiations, and probate estate, among other areas.

3. Legal Assistance for Companies and corporations, commercial law

The main issues handled under this category include incorporating commercial companies, initiation of cooperation with entities from foreign companies, liquidation of companies, representation in bankruptcy procedures and more.

4. Criminal Law

These are one of the most sensitive and most serious sanctions that can be applied to an individual or a firm. Ilasz and Associates provide representations on matters pertaining extradition, Assaults, felonies and misdemeanors, burglary, credit card fraud, just to mention but a few.

5. Family and Guardianship Law

Issues regarding divorce, child support, adoptions can obtain representation from any of the firm’s Polish speaking lawyer.

6. Labor Law

Consultancy and representation are offered on aspects regarding labor and employment like the drafting of contracts, collective agreements, and disputes among others.

7. Copyright and Protection of Intellectual Property

They handle all aspects copyright and intellectual property ensuring that one secures their intellectual property rights. Matters regarding patents and utility models are, also, handled.

8. Real Estate and Construction Law

The firm can handle all matters of real estate through any of its Polish speaking lawyers. This includes representation of the buyer or seller, contract negotiations, incorporations and more.

9. The European Union law

Ilasz and Associates, also, specialize in European Union Law and offer representation on any related issues. They do analysis and offer an opinion on matters that require adherence to the EU laws.

10. Tax, Finance, and Banking Law

The firm’s associates have vast knowledge and experience in the necessities of the provision of tax. They perform analysis of finance and tax law and offer legal representation before administrative courts and the relevant tax bodies.

Whenever one seeks to acquire the services of a lawyer for legal representation in their case, one hopes to get the best of the best. They would like to have someone who believes in them, understands them and, besides being passionate about their job, portray knowledge professionalism in what they are doing. This is exactly what one gets when they have a polish speaking lawyer from Ilasz and Associates. One expects to work with an honest, friendly, and open-minded legal representative to kick-start and ensure that the goals they have when they employ their legal representation services are attained when the whole process comes to an end.

On top of it all, you do not have to dry your money tank to acquire the services of their Polish speaking lawyer. This can be owed to the fact that they will offer the services of consultation and legal representation at a genuinely affordable and friendly cost.
The combination of what the Polish speaking lawyers offer is far much more than what one could ask for. One can acquire representation from Ilasz and Associates by making an inquiry via their website, calling their respective offices or visiting them at any of their office in New York and New Jersey in the United States or their Poland or Germany offices depending on where you are located.